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The partnership will offer enhanced guest experiences with unique add-ons.alfa romeo f1 team stak

Aioka Global Concierge Supplier has partnered with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake to enhance the selection of customised experiences available during this year's exciting F1 calendar.

The partnership will offer enhanced guest experiences with memorable add-ons during the 2023 Formula One World Championship.

Regarding Aioka, it creates bespoke experiences for customers from the beginning till the end of events. These range from finding premium hospitality choices to organising extra amenities such as transport, lodging, cuisine and leisure.

“We are thrilled to partner with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake, providing them with our new concierge service that improves efficiency around decision-making and creates a tailored itinerary for any request. Our services further elevate the overall Formula One experience, making it one to remember for any guest. We are sure our clients will appreciate this step forward, and we cannot wait to create memorable experiences together with the team,” says Bally Singh, Founder and Chairman of Aioka.

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